AYIN • RESH • KAF (pronounced ‘ERIK’)
assess • appraise • evaluate • organize • catalog • order • entry • registry • archive •  attach importance to • arrange to facilitate consideration & regard

In 2011, a class was given in Salem, Oregon explaining the meaning of the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. The ‘Aleph-Beit’ is rendered in the Paleo-Hebrew font style for the purpose of this study. The easily identifiable pictures are clearly suitable for anyone who wants to understand what the Almighty said in His own words to His own people in His own language of His own design, being ‘glyphs’ representing the Seven Festivals, the Seven Day Sequence of Creation and the Seven Pieces of the Mishkan Tabernacle - all keyed alike to the pictographic orthography of the ancient Hebrew letters.

This site is for the purchase of that class as a collection of 55 DVD’s edited and packaged by Pinnacle Cascade Productions, distributed through Hebrew Nation Radio, Salem Oregon, USA. The eriktology class was offered without charge, given with free admission and recorded for free viewing as an archived seminar.

This site which appears to merchandise the DVD’s, is actually an opportunity for anyone who wishes to donate to this ministry effort to do so, and receive the authorized reproduction of the class as a ‘thank you’ for donating an amount of at least $350.00. Postage is an extra amount.

These proceeds:

  1. Support the Hebrew Nation Radio Station
  2. Reimburse the videographer for his investment of hardware and services making this product available
  3. Contribute to paying expenses incurred by Eric Bissell to various print shops for offering the studies of eriktology in literature form, which is an on-going effort. The handouts from the class are made available to anyone interested by contacting us at: paleosfr@gmail.com. (another site will soon be available for reading them.)

The class DVD’s may be acquired as a complete set or on an individual basis. Each order is processed via HNR and Pinnacle Cascade, through this site. As of July 2012, other persons have posted the class for viewing on YouTube as ‘paleoerik’ and ‘eriktology’…watch them while you can as availability is indefinite.

Thank you to each one of you who have helped by contributing, which makes this accessible to the entire world at this time. This is indeed a group effort of collaboration and of course finances are a key factor in dispersing this particular message of attending to the Paleo Hebrew letters.

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